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Hospital Financial Assistance

Okeene Municipal Hospital and Medical Clinic is committed to providing financial assistance to people who are without insurance, underinsured, ineligible for a government program, or otherwise unable to pay for medically necessary care. Okeene Municipal Hospital and Medical Clinic will provide care of emergency medical conditions to individuals regardless of their ability to pay. 

How is Financial Assistance Determined?

Financial assistance is based on need and determined by Federal Poverty Levels, which includes income and number of family members. Financial need does not consider age, gender, race, social, or immigrant status sexual orientation or religious affiliation. 


To apply for financial assistance, you must complete a Financial Assistance Application. To request a free application be mailed to you, call 866-585-2071. The following documentation should be included with your application: 

  • Verification of income (last two months)

  • Last year's federal tax return or non-filing letter

  • Letter from clergy or another personal reference

  • Copy of recent approval letter from DHS or snap benefits

  • Bank Statements from the last two months, checking and savings accounts

These items are necessary to document your financial condition. Please return them as soon as possible - by email or mail. 

Megan King
580-822-4324 (Direct Line)
580-822-3018 (Fax)
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